Livestock cattle grazing

It is a modern solution for cattle breeding, in which grazing takes place on a specially prepared area, limited by an external fence and an electric fence moved every day as grazing cattle.
As a food, special beet varieties are used, which are excellent food for cattle, both leaves and their roots. Research conducted by the Institute for Development and Strategic Studies in Algeria showed a significant increase in the quality of milk from cows grazed in this system
Fodder beet is a universal, energetic and juicy feed necessary in the nutrition of animals of all species: cattle, flocks over 45 kg, sheep, horses, poultry and small inventory.
In feeding dairy cows, beets stimulate milk production and increase the fat and protein content in milk. In beef cattle they improve the use of concentrate feed and guarantee tasty, lean meat. In nutrition, they constitute an excellent non-stapling fodder replacing potatoes that are very fattening (meat overgrown with fat).
The advantage of this method is to solve problems with feed for cattle, feeds are produced on the farm, without the need to import, transport, prepare and process grain for feed, which significantly reduces the cost of breeding. This technology is introduced on a massive scale in many countries around the world.
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