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4200 €

We produce planters for all types of seedlings, various types, sizes and various equipment - prices are available on request.

Planter carousel - price in the basic version of 4200 EUR Planter carousel is adapted for planting seedlings grown in multicellular palettes. The most important advantage of this machine is the accuracy and speed of planting. It has independent sections mounted on the beam, enabling a smooth change of distance between them. The seating section is operated by one person. The distribution of seedlings is made of metal cups placed on the carousel plate. The structure of the planter frame allows for placing a mineral fertilizer in-line in a row. APPLICATION: The S219 rotary planter is designed for semi-automatic planting, above all, potting plant from multicellular pallets. This machine can be used for planting cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, celery, tobacco, herbs, flowers, etc. Machine parameters Semi-automatic planter for cuttings made of multicellular pallets with a conical shaped root ball with a diameter of up to 6 cm, pyramidal shape with a side up to 4.5 cm, Set of gears for setting the required spacing, The minimum spacing of plants in a row - 14 cm, Distance between rows - 48 - 95 cm (other on request), The maximum length of plants - 35 cm, The maximum planting depth - 15 cm, Regulation of planting depth, Spring for adjusting the correct planting of the seedling in the soil, Stand for multicellular pallets for each section or platform for cuttings, Sitting on each section. The capacity per hour for each section is 4500 - 5000 plants / hour. Planer semiautomatic model P A variant of the S219 carousel plant used for semi-automatic seedling. This model makes it possible to plant P9 cuttings with the size of peat blocks with sides 9 × 9 cm.  


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