Producer of poultry meat, chicks and fodder

Firm is the largest Polish producer of poultry meat, chicks and fodder.


The company has its own hatcheries for chickens, poultry farms, feed factories and slaughter plants, thanks to which it has full control over the production and distribution of meat and its products. It guarantees safety and high quality of products.


The company is the largest Polish producer of poultry meat, chicks and fodder on the Polish market, began its activity in the early 90's.

Currently in the structure of Firm

there are several dozen independent entities:


reproduction farms,

hatcheries for chicks

feed production plants

farm in fattening,

The Poultry Meat Plant

and the Poultry Farm  near Kraków,

Department of Trade in Fuels,

Department of Trade in Fertilizers.

All Firm facilities operate in accordance with the applicable hygiene and sanitary requirements of the European Union.

The production plants included in the company have implemented the IFS and BRC standards.

Firm activity focuses on the production and sale of chicken, chicken and goose meat.

They are produced using modern technologies.

This allows you to keep the taste and freshness of the product for a long time so that it meets the expectations of even the most demanding gourmets.

The producer's offer is supplemented by the production and sale of feed and chicks, as well as the sale of fuels and propane for heating purposes and the sale of plant protection chemicals.

High diversity of activities of

Firm it ensures its self-sufficiency, while maintaining full safety and high quality of production.

Firm  operates according to the principle of closed circulation - "from grain to table", according to which it controls the entire production cycle.

The company has its own hatcheries for chicks, breeding farms, which are under the constant supervision of veterinary inspection, and modern fodder plants and slaughterhouses, which provides the company with full production control at all its stages.

The companies belonging to

Firm are buying grain from farmers, which they later convert into forage.

They are supplied to farms for animals raised there.

The obtained meat goes to processing plants and then to stores.

The key factor in building a closed production cycle, from the beginning of the company's activity up to today, are also employed and people cooperating with it - their commitment, willingness to acquire knowledge, new skills and development.