Biological cleaning and disinfecting agents - innovative technologies of the 21st century - for farming and agriculture.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the proposal to cooperate with our company - the only producer of safe and ecological cleaning and disinfecting products in Europe - a comprehensive Eco-pH line.

Based on the achievements of the latest biotechnology, our company has developed and implements EMOT technology (Effective Micro-Organisms Technology) in breeding and agriculture.

This technology consists in the production and development of biological uses of utilization and cleaning agents as well as disinfectants.
Biological cleaning products have many advantages and advantages over chemical agents:
1. they clean the sewage during the cleaning process (it can be said that this is an introduction biological wastewater treatment plant in place of cleaning), 2. clean the separators, settlers and sewage systems, make it more uncluttered and prevent pipes clogging, 3. lure impurities, stains from porous and absorbent surfaces (eg pavement, ankle) 4. work anti-hydrogen, 5. they are completely safe for humans, 6. they are completely safe for the environment, 7. they do not require biodegradation, because they are used for biodegradation of many substances - primarily of petroleum-derived or organic origin 8. They are definitely cheaper than chemical cleaning products 9. because our products have pH7 are completely safe for washed surfaces
The use of this technology can help you optimize the costs of cleaning products, and in solving problems in such areas as: water and wastewater management, cleaning, health and safety, environmental protection, sewerage network management, wastewater treatment plants, separators and closed water circuits.