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We offer from Polish producers

  • necessary products, materials, raw materials for production

  • help and support in solving problems, innovative technologies

  • technological production lines, machines and production equipment

  • food products, consumer products

  • and many others


We offer direct contacts to Polish Manufacturers and their Distributors in individual countries


International Transfer System of

Technology, Machines and Products / MSTTMP


This portal reaches contractors not only through the global Internet. We have a network of representatives, partners and contractors in many countries around the world who, operating in the MSTTMP system, disseminate information about the offers placed on it in their own country, collecting orders for specific technological lines, machines, devices or products.


Developed as a result of many years of work and experience, the International Technology, Machine and Products Transfer System allows you to conduct initial and final negotiations directly between the producer and the contractor and the implementation of contracts in the direct system from the producer to the contractor.


The heart of the system is the portal, which serves as:

1. basic Data Base for incoming offers and cooperation proposals

2. basic Data Base for orders placed, requests and demands from individual countries

3. module for verification of compliance of offers with received orders or applications

4. communication module implementing information processes on the progress in individual negotiations

5. a module that checks the regularities occurring in the negotiation processes

6. control module of contract execution processes


All offers submitted to the Database come directly from the manufacturer or its distributor in the country. These offers may concern a product, a production line, machinery or equipment, new technologies or investment proposals. At the same time, with an individual offer for a specific product, the company can present its own, full range of production or services.


Submitted offers or cooperation proposals are analyzed and verified in terms of demand on the Polish market and foreign markets, and detailed data on cooperation offers are automatically sent to partners and contractors in many countries around the world.


At the same time, orders, requests and requisitions from partners and contractors currently held in the Database are checked and the initial verification of the offer is made to determine its compliance with orders or reported demand, defining the scope and size of delivery or contract, deadlines for the contract, possibilities and methods of settlement whether payments, etc.


After preliminary findings regarding the compliance of the offer with the orders or demands placed, the contract is carried out in which the parties collectively determine all other details.


Implementation of contracts for offers directly from the producer in the system - MSTTMP



In the case of non-compliance of the offer and order or demand for a given product in the Database, a newsletter is automatically sent with this offer to our partners and contractors in many countries of the world, which we have in the following countries:

    Implementation of contracts from the producer to the contractor - without intermediaries